JavaScript typeof null

JavaScript can be so cruel.

typeof null === 'object'; // This stands since the beginning of JavaScript

This is planned on being fixed in the next version of ECMAScript (which will be available via an opt-in). It will result in typeof null === 'null'.

Note: it's been rejected


Heuristics Saving You

Funny spoof song about the use of heuristic functions in A* search by Michael Littman

Sorting Algorithm Demonstration

Sorting algorithm visualization: Insertion, Selection, Bubble, Shell, Merge, Heap, Quick, Quick3.

Path Finding Algorithm Visualization

Very cool JavaScript based, interactive visual demonstration of path finding algorithms: A*, Breadth-First-Search, Best-First-Search, Dijkstra, and Jump Point Search.

Dijkstra Path Finding Visualization

Bill Gates and Marc Andreessen in Heaven

Bill Gates and Marc Andreessen die and go to heaven. God meets them and announces that they will get stabbed with a needle for each major bug in their browser software.

First it's Marc's Turn: "In Navigator 1.0 there was a big security hole" DOUCHE! "In Navigator 1.1 you couldn't empty the cache" DOUCHE! Marc rubs his butt and looks around: "Where did Bill go?" God says in reply: "He's just being clamped into the sewing machine..."

The Fastest Code

Remember: there's no faster code than no code!

Why Java is Platform Independent?

Java: write once, debug everywhere.